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Young Womens Group

If you are a young woman who struggles with isolation, loneliness, anxiety, and/or depression and seeking support through connection and holistic practices this group is for you. 

Flower Bud Petals

Do struggle with 

  • getting out of bed 

  • making it to class/work  

  • meeting people 

  • feeding yourself

  • applying and interviewing to get a job

  • feeling good about yourself and the way you look 

  • failing classes, feeling like a horrible student

  • disappointing your parents

  • not feeling good enough

  • feeling totally overwhelmed by the "smallest" tasks

  • anxiety that prevents you from doing the things you enjoy

  • keeping up with your basic needs: showering, hydration, cleaning, eating regularly

Bouquet of Peonies

Do you want to feel this instead

  • happy

  • like you have friends you can be yourself with 

  • energetic

  • that you can focus on your school work and job without it being overwhelming

  • to feel motivated to get out there and enjoy your life

  • optimistic about life and what's ahead

  • more connected to your body and intuition

  • more knowledgable about what to eat to support your body and mental health

Flower in Hand

How it Works

  • Fall group starting Soon!

  • October, November, December

  • We meet weekly or every other week.

  • Date/Time: TBD

  • $250 for the entire program

  • Located in Thornton, CO

There will be a maximum of 8 people to keep this a small, safe space so you can get to know one another and get the personal support you need.

*Please let me know if time, location, or cost prevent you from joining. I am open to offering more groups if the interest is there. 

Why this is important: 

We all hear the statistics of young women self-harming, struggling with mental health issues and suicide are on an alarming rise. In fact the CDC CDC's 2021 Youth Risk Behavior Survey show startling trends. Nearly 3 in 5 teen girls (57%) said they felt "persistently sad or hopeless." That's the highest rate in a decade. And 30% said they have seriously considered dying by suicide — a percentage that's risen by nearly 60% over the past 10 years.

This is not okay. 

Whether you are a young woman or a parent of a young woman you know how alarming that sounds. 

I remember my own challenges during this time and wish I had the support to feel better back then.


If I had known that making the small changes—like eating differently, talking about my experience, and adding in some self-care—could create a big impact, it would have made all the difference. 

To the young women: I know life can feel so incredibly hard. You do not need to do this alone. There are so many different reasons this could be happening. Let me help you learn tools and knowledge about how you can support yourself. These are tools I wish I would have known long ago so that I could have avoided so much UNECESSARY suffering. 

To the parents: I know you want to support your child in anyway possible. You'd do anything to help them feel more happy with themselves and their life. Your daughter doesn't have to be included in the statistics above. Help them get one step closer to feeling confident and excited about their life.


Here is what we will accomplish together

You'll Learn:

  • Simple Ways to get motivated when you're feeling off, stuck, and lacking direction

  • Personalized tools to feel more relaxed when you're anxious

  • The basics of how to eat for more energy (and less overwhelm)

  • Simple meals you can make on your own when your parents are at work or you are in a dorm

  • Mindset shifts and affirmations to reframe negative self-talk and feel better about yourself when you are down

  • How to connect to yourself on a deeper level through meditation and journaling

  • We may bring in: connecting to your intuition, using oracle cards and crystals, yoga, or movement to connect more with your body, cooking demonstrations

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